Stalking & Still-Hunting

Stalking & Still-Hunting

The Ground Hunters Bible

Many traditional bowhunters feel that on any given hunt their bowhunting equipment and how the hunt is conducted is every bit as important as the actual animal itself. STALKING AND STILL-HUNTING: The Ground Hunter’s Bible is made to order for those who approach the hunt with that sentiment…although the book can be enjoyed by all hunters, at any stage in their bowhunting development, STALKING AND STILL-HUNTING encourages the hunter to move beyond the ever-popular treestand and to develop the natural hunting skills we all possess, be it slipping around on the ground, or by making and using ground blinds. STALKING AND STILL-HUNTING: The Ground Hunter’s Bible is a unique book, chock full of hunting how-to information that would take a lifetime of bowhunting experience to learn. And that’s exactly what STALKING AND STILL-HUNTING represents…50 years of bowhunting dedication by the author, G. Fred Asbell. This wonderfully written book will bring pleasure to all, but particularly to those who wish to avoid too much technological dependency in their walk in the woods. I’ll warn you beforehand…you can’t absorb it all in one reading…

You’ll learn G. Fred’s methods of slowly still-hunting, tips and techniques for up close and personal stalking, as well as how to use a ground blind. There are chapter on clothing, preferred footwear, and of course, some bowhunting stores told as only G. Fred Asbell can tell them. This book will definitely help you become a better bowhunter.

Stalking and Still-Hunting, By G. Fred Asbell  
185 Pages,  Soft cover.