Greetings and welcome to the Asbell Wool website. We're a fairly small family run business and we're dedicated to the outdoors and traditional archery. We pretty much eat live and breath this stuff and because of that we're often on the road. We go to many of the traditional archery shoots and rendezvous throughout the year and we also get out and hunt as often as we can. Because of that, we're not always easy to get a hold of. When we're on the road we don't always have phone service, and many times we don't have access to the Internet either.

We do our best to keep everything moving along here at the shop, but we'd like everyone we deal with to understand that sometimes we're out in the back country and when we are, your orders might take a little extra time. We hope you understand.

We talk to folks all the time who say they'd love to be on the road as much as we are, and they're right, it's great. But then again, it does mean that once in a while an order might not ship for a while. We don't like that any more than you do, but it's a fact of life for us. We run this business because we have a passion for the great outdoors and we choose to live a simple, traditional lifestyle of being close to the earth.

We're sure glad you found us! As you browse our pages you’ll find helpful resources to get you on the path of shooting longbows and recurves the natural, instinctive way. You’ll also see other special items like our wool pullovers, quivers, and other items designed specifically for the traditional bowhunter. As time goes on, we’ll post the ‘where and when’ information for the shooting seminars Fred will be hosting this year. Then we’ll add a Q&A section where Fred will answer your questions about anything related to traditional archery and bowhunting with longbows and recurves.

As you browse our site, you'll find many items suited to the anyone who loves the outdoors. Our knives are especially popular. We've got handy neck knives, practical belt knives, and even some that can do double duty as either a neck knife of a belt knife. Of course we have the sheaths to go with them too. We offer top quality leather sheaths and some really exquisite hand-beaded sheaths.  From our magazine articles, seminars, and assorted books and DVD's to our knives, wool clothing and wool bow cases, we've been promoting the traditional way for years.

We’re a small, family business with a long history of involvement in traditional archery. We care deeply about our customers and friends and hope everyone who finds our site feels like part of the traditional community.

Again, welcome to Enjoy!

G. Fred Asbell