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Knife & Hawk Throwing Book 01

Knife & Hawk Throwing Book 01

How to Throw a Tomahawk or Knife

By Barry Hardin, Tomahawk and knife throwing are popular sports among muzzleloading clubs around the country, practiced by men, women and children. Whether you are an advanced competitor or new to the sport, this book takes you from the basics through advanced throwing tips.

Topics covered include choosing and maintaining your 'hawk or knife, proper grips and variations, stance, fine- tuning for accuracy, games, target construction, and safety. Step-by-step color photos of throwing techniques, with tips from top competitors on the Rendezvous circuit, make it easy for you to enjoy throwing! New throwers will come away with a full understanding and appreciation for the sport, and experienced veterans will find many helpful tips for hitting the bulls-eye more often. 64 pages and 85 full-color photos and illustrations. SC.