Haversack Little Delta Plaid

Haversack Little Delta Plaid

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The early "runners of the woods" and mountain men adopted the possibles bag from the local Native Americans because they were the best solution for carrying all the incidentals needed when out in the field. They found that these bags kept all the items they might possibly need on their side right where they could get to them, fast. We based our Hunter Image haversacks on the same principle. Simple, effective, quiet and everything right where you need it. No more taking your backpack or fanny pack off to get to your gear either! Our silent wool haversacks are perfect for a day of running the woods or silently stalking and stillhunting.

The Hunter Image haversack comes with an adjustable strap so you can position it just where it needs to be. Unlike noisy nylon packs and bags, the wool haversack is whisper quiet in the woods. You never have to worry about it giving away your position.

The double bag construction is like carrying two bags at once, keep the items you need to access the most in the front section and those that are more "only when needed" in the back compartment. Small inner pockets help you keep your gear organized.

If you're looking for a traditional method of carrying your bowhunting gear that's as easy on the eyes as it is practical, give the Hunter Image Haversack a try.

Our wool haversacks measure 15" x 12".