Anorak Olive Drab

Anorak Olive Drab

 Wool Anoraks

The Anorak is a garment that was conceived, hem to hood, as an outer garment for the cool to cold weather bowhunter. Teresa Asbell has had the “Anorak” concept on the burner for years. After many design modifications, we're finally satisfied that we're producing a garment that is perfect for the traditional bowhunter.

The hood is the trademark Asbell oversized version. When it is cold enough to wear a hood most bowhunters are wearing a substantial hat. This hood will accommodate all head gear from a watch cap to a Fedora. When the hood is not required, it lays back, out of the way, keeping the back of your neck warm.

The lower pockets are our standard, extra-large style, with a slight side hem to keep things from falling out of them. Carry your camera and other small items in these lower pockets. They're pretty secure whether you're stalking or climbing into a treestand.

The upper pockets are set at the correct height for hand warmer pockets, especially when sitting (whether in a ground blind or treestand). They are lined with a Sherpa fleece for extra warmth. These lined hand warmer pockets really keep your hands warm when you're sitting or waiting.

The Anorak is cut longer than a normal wool shirt or jacket.

We sew the Anorak with our heaviest 29 oz. wool, and are offering it in Olive Drab Green and Timber Grey (Colors vary slightly). The Timber Grey is very popular. We have been experimenting with wool as camouflage, and our non-scientific research shows that Timber Grey disappears under an extremely wide set of conditions. The OD Green blends in well in pine country.