Book/DVD Special

Book/DVD Special

Instinctive Shooting DVD

Watch this Instinctive Shooting DVD, then grab your bow and a handful of arrows and head to the backyard. Good shooting is right around the corner!
First there was the book, Instinctive Shooting, the most popular and most recommended bow shooting and bowhunting book for traditionalists ever. Then there was a video, Instinctive Shooting, and a second book, Instinctive Shooting 2, all by G. Fred Asbell. This DVD is based on the content of Mr. Asbell’s first two books, Instinctive Shooting Vol 1 and Instinctive Shooting Vol 2. It is without question the most complete, step-by-step, instructional DVD ever produced on instinctive shooting.

Whatever type of bow you shoot-recurve, compound or longbow- this DVD contains all the information you need to learn to successfully shoot a bow instinctively, the natural way. No fancy aiming systems here. G. Fred Asbell will teach you to make use of the natural ability you already possess and use every day As shooting editor of Traditional Bowhunter Magazine, Mr. Asbell has shared his adventures, and his considerable knowledge, with readers for years. Now, using his easy how-to-do-it instructions contained in his books, join G. Fred Asbell for the ultimate shooting lesson. This is your chance to actually see and experience all the details and methodology you’ve read about in his books and articles for years.

Chapters: Stance, Hand Placement, Shoulder Position, Fingers on the String, Drawing the Bow, Anchor, Release, and Aiming.
50 Minutes
Chaptered for easy access to specific sections

Complete Book of instinctive Shooting
Improving your shooting skills will do more to elevate your bowhunting success than any other single thing, you can do and this book is the key to all that improvement. Traditional bowhunting continually brings the bowhunter face to face with self improvement, and that's the total, cover to cover, underlying thrust of this book... the individual, preparing and using his God-given skill, pushing himself forward.

Here are the step-by-step details for consistent shooting... and not just in the backyard or on the 3d range, but in the woods, where control and confidence come to the forefront and are really put to the test. You have the ability in you and it's all right here. You are in control of how good you can become. It's up to you.

Advanced Instinctive Shooting For Bowhunting - The Rest of the Story

By G. Fred Asbell  

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